SwiftTube is an amazing resource for anyone using PlanSwift, which contains almost one hundred videos on how to use this program.

There are two ways to view these videos:

  1. The first is to visit SwiftTube directly and search for the video you would like.
  2. The second why to view SwiftTube videos is to access them from inside the knowledge base. This is a powerful center we have developed to answer your questions. To access the Knowledge Base.
  3. From the ‘Videos’ button right inside PlanSwift.

The PlanSwift Knowledge Base is a great place to view TubeSwift videos and get other great answers to questions you may have. Generally, if the support center at PlanSwift receives more than a couple questions about anything we will build a knowledge base answer and publish it for everyone to use.

“Planswift is great! One of the things I really like about the program is it is far more user friendly than any of the previous programs I have used in the past. I use it to measure windows and it has been extremely accurate. The tech guys are great, and are always there to answer any questions I may have. I highly recommend using this software.”-Outlook Construction / Shannon Cros


This knowledge base and videos are completely searchable so you can find your answers quickly without a lot of fumbling around.

“I really like this software and so do my employees. We have all benefited a whole lot since using Planswift, and the takeoffs are so easy to do. At first, my guys were somewhat hesitant about whether or not they wanted to make the transition of going digital. Most of us around here are not computer geniuses. Now, however, we are all happy we made the switch from paper, to digital. Even if you have no computer skills, you can still easily figure out how to use this program. This program is sure to pay for itself within no time. It has freed up time for our employees and customer service is always there for us whenever we have questions. I highly recommend Planswift to anyone in the Construction industry.”-Charles T. Driscoll Masonry Restoration Co. i / Steve Driscoll


However, probably the greatest part about SwiftTube and the PlanSwift Knowledge Base is they are available 24 hours a day. So even when our normal customer support line is closed you can still get answers to your questions.