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Enhancing your Estimating Process with PlanSwift Software

With the PlanSwift estimating software the process becomes a paperless one. This makes it a lot cheaper, faster, easier, and more environmentally friendly.

Digital estimating software speeds up the process so you can finish your bids in half the time. PlanSwift has taken the hours, or sometimes days, it would have taken to finish a takeoff and estimate by hand and reduced it to a quick and easy process. With our single-click tool we have taken it a step further, with a single click you can complete areas and count items.

Doing estimates the traditional way involves a lot of guessing or “guesstimating”, with this software you can have exact measurements with a single click. PlanSwift has astounding accuracy at a level unmatched.

Tens of thousands of construction professionals use PlanSwift estimating software for its ease of use and quality of its estimates. Mastering PlanSwift is straight forward and simple, you won’t waste any time on a learning curve.

PlanSwift also offers top rated customer support. PlanSwift’s highly skilled support staff are trained specifically to fix and help customers understand estimating and our software so you don’t waste any precious time.

The program is very intuitive, simple to use, powerful, and has dead on accuracy.
Bob C.

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PlanSwift offers the most features for the best price. You get the best value for your hard earned cash. The software is known to be one of the cheapest and most effective pieces of software on the market and is rated number 1 in the takeoff and estimating software field. PlanSwift can be used in virtually any field or trades, commercial or residential and is easily customizable for each: General Contractor: PlanSwift software offers a click, drop, and estimate functionality for general contractors. These features makes managing projects a lot less difficult so you can finish them faster whether the job is large or small. You can easily adjust your cost projections by simply changing product cost and recalculating. Concrete: You can quickly takeoff walls, footings, and foundations more accurately than you ever could before. The single click takeoff feature makes selection for slab dimensions simple. Project rebar, membranes, and other materials and labor with custom pre built assemblies. PlanSwift makes it easy to print or export to Excel all of your costs and margins. Drywall: With PlanSwift measuring walls, ceilings, and partitions is simple, just point and click. The area and linear tools offered with the software calculate your square footage and surface areas instantly. PlanSwift will give you the perfect estimate every time with the automatic calculation of your materials and labor. Electrical: Measure your lengths for conduits, wiring, and cables with PlanSwift. Ease your workload with automatic calculations of total number of switches and receptacles along with all of your materials and costs. Flooring: Single Click takeoff feature will have your area for tile, carpet, hardwood, or laminate floors in seconds. PlanSwift offers a fast perimeter measurement for mail strip and baseboard needs. Framing: Calculate labor, waste, and equipment hours better than before. You can measure joists, rafters, studs, headers, and so much more. This software makes counting posts, connectors, and more easy. HVAC: PlanSwift makes it easy to generate precise material lists for HVAC assembly and instantly calculate costs as well as instantly derive volume of rooms for heating and cooling. You can trace linear takeoff for A/C supply lines quickly with PlanSwift. Landscape: Even if your “linear” measurement is curved PlanSwift makes it easy to measure square footage, volumes, and linear dimensions. Area dimensions for sod, mulch, gravel, and other products are a breeze with Single Click Takeoff. Painting: Measure every wall and ceiling surface, straight or curved, with Single Click area select tool. Drop pre-built custom assemblies onto your takeoff for PlanSwift’s famous instant estimating. Everything from paint and other materials for the job to labor is counted and calculated. Plumbing: WIth PlanSwift you can get accurate takeoff counts for fixtures and fittings with just a point and a click. Everything for a precise estimate is calculated easily every time. Save time and money by getting linear feet measurements for CPVC, drain, and supply piping.

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