Truss software for takeoff and estimating can greatly reduce the effort involved in estimates and takeoffs for roofs. These programs can reduce what is normally a challenging and time consuming process and make it a quick and simple matter.

PlanSwift is one of the top software programs in this field. With the already strong base program, PlanSwift is a great asset to anyone. However, to make the program even stronger you can add the Truss Plugin. With this plugin you can quickly determine truss estimates.

Truss software

This small piece of truss estimating software runs inside PlanSwift allowing you to make the area of the roof for the trusses then the program will do the calculations for you.

“PlanSwift has increased our accuracy & speed, especially the joist and overlay features. PlanSwift gives us more functionality than programs that COST 3 TIMES as much. Tech support is fantastic, I’ve never been on hold and the chat is instant. PlanSwift is willing to listen and we have recommended several of our clients to them because of their service and product.”-Dominion Truss / Kevin Rowe


By doing estimates this way contractors, can save themselves time and ensure greater accuracy. With the need to complete the calculations removed, contractors can then focus on other activities.

As an added benefit PlanSwift uses assembly based estimating. This allows the users to pre-assemble items that contain material, tools and labor then instantly add then to area on plans.

“I like how I can overlay siding details with Planswift, whereas before this could sometimes be a difficult task. I am able to measure my window, doors, floors, roofs, etc. I am able to line things up more easily than I had before. The overlay tool has been awesome with its pinpoint accuracy. This software hits all the right spots.”-Pacific Lifestyle Homes / Jon Pudlitzke

It is this type of estimate tools PlanSwift provides to help user save time and be more productive.

Roofing Estimating & Takeoff Software

Calculating roofing material needs is a cinch with PlanSwift. Using digital plans you scan in or receive from the architect you can quickly determine roof area and determine what needs to be ordered.  How about pitch? Simple, just use the PlanSwift Pitch Finder tool to calculate values. It’s all done on-screen automatically; no manual calculations needed. Even the most complex roofs can be conquered in minutes. Once you’ve gathered all your information, you create an estimate which includes waste, material pricing, and labor costs.

A better bottom line begins with PlanSwift.

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