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PlanSwift’s Vision:

We have a clear vision here at PlanSwift. To deliver to you the simplest, fastest, and most accurate takeoff and estimating software on the market. We are committed to delivering the most current technology to ensure that our customers are up to date. We take pride in enhancing the business of our customers and providing them with a hassle free software.

As you know, we are once again a family business. Having celebrated our independence day on March 15th, 2017 under our new owners, James and Stephanie Purpura. Things could not be better at PlanSwift® right now as we continue to make improvements for both our customers and our employees.

We have carefully built our team to make sure we have both seasoned construction veterans and estimators. Our team has the best and brightest in software development, engineering, and programing.

We want to thank all of our loyal users for their amazing support over the years, and we want to recommit to you by providing the best takeoff and estimating software anywhere for years to come.

We will be running maintenance from 3/7 starting at 6pm EST to 3/8 ending at 8am EST. Please be aware that there may be service interruptions during this time.