Tigris is the newest addition to Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida. When completed, Tigris will be Florida’s tallest launch roller coaster towering 150 feet above the park grounds. This new coaster will be the centerpiece of the park’s 60th anniversary celebration this year.

The aptly named tiger themed coaster will launch you out of the station about 50 feet up on one side Andrew Schaffer, Tigris’ project manager said. “It will ten launch you in reverse and get you about 80 feet up the other tower,” Schaffer continued, “and then launch you forward all the way to the top at 150 feet.”

Schaffer calls the twisting part of the coaster a “Dramatic heart line roll” and rates the overall experience of the coaster a 7 out of 10 for intensity. Which is more than one of their more famous roller coasters, Cobra’s Curse but less than the SheiKra coaster, the 20 foot drop is hard to compete with.

Construction on Tigris is suppose to be completed and the coaster opened by March 1st. Officials at the park also promised a “big announcement” about their plans for the area with the now-closed Gwazi wooden roller coaster. Tigris takes the place of a couple ancient rides at the park, the Tidal Wave and an African-themed boat ride that soaked its riders on the chute drop.

Stewart Clark, the theme park’s president, said that Tigris is just one of many exciting new things that are happening at Busch Gardens. Another thrilling ride is suppose to open in 2020 but the details haven’t been released and won’t be until next month. Busch Gardens already has the most roller coasters in the whole state of Florida, what more could they be adding to their arsenal of tourist attractions?


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