Why Spend Days or Weeks Calculating Concrete Takeoff When You Could Spend Minutes with PlanSwift.

How long do you spend currently calculating a single takeoff? What more could you be doing with that time? Bidding on more work, maybe. Finishing the work you have earlier. Or just enjoying your life a bit more and maybe getting in a game or two.

You know you have to do takeoffs, there is just no way around it. And they take time – your valuable time. Yes, you could hand them off to somebody else to do for you. However, that would cost a pretty penny, and you would still need to spend time reviewing their work.

“Jobs that once took an hour or longer, I can now do in under fifteen minutes
-Southern Flooring / Reed

“I cannot believe how much time I have saved”
-Xceptional Construction LLC / Hyrum Johnson

But takeoffs don’t need to take forever

PlanSwift’s software can easily cut the time it takes to do a takeoff by 90%. We are so sure of it, we’ll let you use our award-winning software for FREE for 14 days. Try it, and see for yourself just how fast & easy takeoffs can be.

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  • The ability to invest in the best estimating and takeoff software on the market for 1/3 the price other companies charge for similar programs.
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Yep, we are giving you the whole enchilada for FREE. Because we are that sure that once you try PlanSwift, you will not want to go back. Just take a moment and complete the form below. You will then be instantly taken to a page with your personal access code, where you can download Planswift.

Concrete and Masonry Estimating and Takeoff Software

Concrete and masonry jobs are already labor intensive enough, so why add to your workload by using a manual plan takeoff process for estimates? PlanSwift is the #1 takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry.

How much concrete do you need for that next foundation job? How many 8″ blocks are in that estimate that’s due tomorrow? With PlanSwift you can determine everything from lengths of rebar to how many yards of concrete should be on the next truck. You will quickly and accurately compile material assemblies for any foundation or poured wall scenario as well as brick and block structures.

How do you calculate brick counts when you have excluded areas like windows and doors? PlanSwift automatically makes the deduction with a click of the mouse. Plus PlanSwift gives you the ability to account for adjustments on the fly, saving you from recalculating change orders by hand.