Check out these 13 construction structures that prove just how incredible the field of construction really is.

1. Glass Suspension Bridge, China

Zhangjiajie, China is home to the largest glass suspension bridge measuring over 1,400 feet long and 20 feet wide. This massive bridge hangs above a 1,000 foot deep canyon but there’s no reason to be afraid. The creator has so much faith in the engineering of the bridge that during the inauguration of the bridge he repeatedly hit it with an 11 pound hammer and then rode over it in a considerably heavy car.

2. Bagger 288 – Germany

Bagger 288 is the largest excavator in the world, weighing over 45,500 tons. Technically making it the largest land vehicle too. The massive machine stands at 311 feet tall and is 705 feet long. The Bagger 288 was created by a German mining company called Rheinbraun to excavate the enormous Tagebau Hambach coal mine in western Germany.

3. Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange

Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange is a 4 level car interchange that opened in Los Angeles, California in 1993.

4. Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, China

Architects in Shanghai, China decided to turn an abandoned quarry into a new and unique hotel. This incredible hotel has more than 300 rooms built into the side of the ridge. Some of the rooms you can stay in are even under the water.

5. Khan Shatyr, Kazakhstan

This shopping center in Astana is also the world’s largest tent construction. Being over 100,000 square meters it really feels like Khan Shatyr has a city within another city. Lord Foster designed this structure to be an escape from the harsh weather conditions, sometimes dipping below -30C in the winter.

6. Hoover Dam, USA

The Hoover Dam is a large hydroelectric plant located near Las Vegas, Nevada. Because of it’s size and location it’s a frequented spot for tourists. At the time of it’s completion in 1935 it was the largest dam in the world but is now replaced by Three Gorges

on the Yangtze River in China.

7. Maeslantkering, The Netherlands

The Maeslantkering is the most powerful machine made for rivers. The barriers have doors that work as gates that close if the flow of water gets to be too much and needs to be stopped. The Maeslantkering is located in De Nieuwe Waterweg and Het Scheur near the Hook of Holland. It was created in 1987 to protect the population from flooding.

8. The Shard, UK

The Shard is a 95 storey building of offices and apartments overlooking London. The top floor is the highest observation platform in Great Britain and welcomes many tourists every day to experience the breathtaking view.

9. Vidraru Dam, Romania

Standing at 166 meters with an arch length on 305 meters, the Vidraru Dam can store 465 million cubic meters of water. Construction was completed in 1966 on the Arges River in Romania.

10. Hubless Ferris Wheel, China

China has opened the world’s largest spokeless ferris wheel standing roughly at 476 feet tall. That’s 30 feet taller than the London Eye. Each of the 36 carriages can carry up to 10 people and have Wi-Fi and televisions sets for the tourists.

11. Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

Arechibo is the giant observatory in the municipality of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Though ordinary citizens can’t use the observatory, they can still come and admire the enormous National Astronomy and Lonosphere Center of the USA.

12. La Grande Arche de la Defense, France

In the small town on Puteaux is an interesting arch structure some people are calling a hypercube. In the top there are conference rooms and observation platforms with beautiful views that overlook France.

13. Ring of Life, China

The Ring of Life is a 56 storey structure that was made especially for tourists. In the top of the ring is observation platforms for spectacular views. It’s especially breathtaking at night when 10,000 multicolored lights shine. There’s no wonder why they call it The Ring of Life.

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