Make yourself at tiny home in this 200 square foot sanctuary. With it’s amazingly crafted, walnut stained vaulted ceiling, reclaimed wood accent, and a specially designed barn door, Tiny Homes are making housing affordable for anyone!

Why a tiny house?

Tiny Houses, produced by 84 Lumber company, gives an incredibly unique experience by helping you live happily with less. Four different designs ranging from contemporary to classic were created to give people financial freedom and help reduce their carbon footprint. 84 Lumber hopes to help people get back to what really matters, life’s little moments.

Green Attributes:

The 200 square foot tiny house takes rescued wood from old barns and gives it a new purpose as a beautifully designed sliding door. Bark from old cork trees are used to make the special kind of flooring. The floor is designed to reduce cracking and is impermeable to liquids. It will keep you nice and warm with it’s naturally thermal wood.  

Living in one of these homes could cut your energy consumption by up to 80% and can last more than 20 years. Your tiny home will have an Energy Star certified refrigerator and composting toilet, knocking off even more money off of your monthly expenses.

The homes come with low VOC paints and stains which leads to improved air quality and reduces allergic reactions as well as asthma and headaches. These tiny homes will continually give you a green and happy living experience.

How much could Tiny Homes save you?

Tiny Homes comes with 3 different price options. The cheapest is a “build your own” model for $6,884. It includes the architectural blueprints for one of the homes, a materials list, and a trailer that’s built to meet the specific requirements of the house you select. The trailer comes already outfitted and ready to put up the walls. All of the materials that are on the list of essentials to build the home can be purchased through a local 84 Lumber location.

For $19,884 you can purchase the “Semi-DIY.” This option comes with a “shelled in” house placed on a custom built trailer. It’s complete with a door, windows, and a bathroom with shower. This home comes with the architectural blueprints and materials list for the DIY (do it yourself) enthusiasts.The rest is up to you!  That way the exterior and interior design finishing touches are anything your heart desires.

The “Move-In Ready” option is $49,884 for a completed tiny house. It comes fully equipped both inside the trailer and out. This custom trailer is ready to move in and for immediate travel. It only takes 8 to 10 weeks for any custom job to be completed!   

About 84 Lumber:

84 Lumber was founded back in 1965 and since then has become the nation’s leading privately held building materials and services supplier to professional contractors. They specialise with a build-it-yourself option to their services. 84 Lumber has branched out in 30 states operating more than 250 stores. Component plants, door shops, installation centers and engineered wood product shops are just some of the other services they offer. Others include:

  • Lumber
  • Insulation’
  • Moulding
  • Siding
  • Decking and Railing
  • Roofing
  • Engineered Lumber
  • Doors and Windows
  • Plywood
  • Trim
  • Flooring
  • Drywall
  • Trusses and Wall Panels
  • Skylights
  • Hardware

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