Takeoff and Estimating

Takeoff and estimating software has been a steadily growing part of the construction industry for years now and it seems like more and more companies are streamlining their business in the hopes of improving their bottom line but what’s the real value of takeoff and estimating software in the construction industry?

A study conducted by Software Advice, a software research and review company, where over 100 construction professionals were surveyed found that companies that use estimating software “over estimate less than 35% of the time, and under estimate only 5% of the time.”

Takeoff and estimating software provides many benefits to the construction industry, in this article we’ll explore the top 3 ways benefits to streamlining your business and how it can significantly enhance the way that you do business.

Top 3 Benefits to using Takeoff and Estimating Software in your Business

  1. Work more Efficiently – Doing projects by hands leaves room for human error, whether we like to admit it or not, sooner or later we all make mistakes and in this industry that can end up costing you. Takeoff and estimating software saves you the effort of having to go back and redo the work.
  2. Improve your Accuracy – With takeoff and estimating software it’s easier than ever to keep track of all your costs, back orders and stored materials. This type of software enables you to build a set of assemblies
  3. Save time and Money – By streamlining your business you’ll be able to complete your bids in a fraction of the time by using the process, your process, already programmed into your software. Takeoff and estimating software enables you to produce high quality projects every time.


PlanSwift is the number one takeoff and estimating software on the market today. PlanSwift is also easily one of the most easily customizable softwares out there as it works for just about any trade. From general contracting to drywall, landscaping, and even painting, PlanSwift seamlessly adapts to your company’s needs.

“It saves me so much time doing take-offs that it pays for itself every time I use it…” says Steve Novy at Mulford Concrete.

PlanSwift is as easy as 1, 2, 3..

  1. Point and Click – With PlanSwift if it’s colored, it’s counted. Whether it be simple or complex areas, items, lengths, or volumes, within seconds all your measurements will instantly be tallied up for you.
  2. Drag and Drop – It’s as simple as clicking on your pre built assemblies, dragging and dropping them onto your takeoff items for an instant calculation of all your costs and expenses. PlanSwift strives to make things as user friendly for their customers while still providing a quality product.
  3. Print or Export – Not only will PlanSwift make completing your bid easier but now sharing your finished project is simple too. Export to Excel or use the Reports already built into the software, you can’t go wrong.

Completing your bids doesn’t have to be a long grueling process anymore, takeoff and estimating software was designed to simplify the tedious parts of the job and enhance the quality of your work. Save yourself time, money, and effort by streamlining your construction process with takeoff and estimating software and see the value for yourself.

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