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PlanSwift was founded in 2007. The company was originally based in Henderson, Nevada and is now based out of Bountiful, Utah. PlanSwift was added to the Textura family of construction collaboration solutions on February 12th of 2013. Other Textura solutions include BidOrganizer, PQM, GradeBeam, Latista, Submittal Exchange, EPP, CPM, GreenGrade, and Performance Tracker. PlanSwift is the trusted takeoff and estimating software in more than 60 countries around the world. More than 40,000 users use the software for it’s precise and accurate bids every day. PlanSwift strives to give their customers quick and easy solutions as well as provide excellent customer service to their many loyal customers. PlanSwift, a company by Textura Construction Collaboration Solutions, is the #1 takeoff and estimating software on the market. Along with being the fastest growing developer and distributor of the digital estimating software industry,

Executive Team

James Purpura – SVP and GM for PlanSwift Bruce Hacking – VP of Operations Darin Thomas – VP of Sales Jeff Jensen – VP of Sales Marco Spalla – VP of International Sales

Trades, Software, and Features:


PlanSwift can be used in a variety of different fields and trades. Some of which include:

  • General Contractor – With PlanSwift software all you have to do is click, drop, and estimate. You’ll be done in a fraction of the time you would doing it by hand. You can manage projects, large or small, with more accurate and faster calculations. PlanSwift makes it easy to adjust cost projections and simplifies the process for changing product cost and recalculating. Bid more jobs, faster and help grow your business with the number one takeoff and estimating software.
  • Concrete – Quickly and accurately takeoff walls, foundations measurements, and footings. Single Click selection for slab dimensions are made simple with this amazing software. Pre built assemblies can be made custom and accurately project rebar, membranes, and other materials and labor. PlanSwift easily and instantly calculates your costs and margins and exports them to Excel.
  • Drywall – Measuring walls, partitions, and ceilings simply with the point and click feature. You can calculate square footages and surface areas faster than before with our incredible area and linear tools. PlanSwift can automatically calculate materials and labor and produce a perfect estimate, every time. With this software you’ll make more estimates more accurately much faster. Saving you precious time and money.
  • Electrical – Quickly and accurately measure your lengths for conduits, wiring, and cables. PlanSwift adds the total number of switches and receptacles with ease. Automatically calculating materials, costs and export your plans into an estimate in a snap.
  • Flooring – With one click you can select an area for tile, hardwood, laminate, and carpet floor areas. Perimeter measurements are fast for all of the nail strip and baseboard needs. When you estimate more accurately in less time, you can bid and win more jobs.
  • Framing – Measure joists, studs, rafters, and headers. Count connectors, posts, and calculate labor, waste, and equipment hours.
  • HVAC – Takeoff a mechanical HVAC project in a snap. PlanSwift helps you quickly trace linear takeoffs for A/C supply lines. Generate precise material lists for HVAC assembly and instantly calculate costs. Do faster takeoff estimates that are absolutely mistake free!
  • Landscape – You can easily measure square footages, linear dimensions, volumes, or even a curved “linear” measurements. Get an accurate professional estimate with a point, drag, and click. Save time and money with more accurate estimates, done even faster than before.
  • Painting – The Single Click area tool can help you instantly measure walls and ceiling surfaces weather they’re straight or curved. Everything will be counted and calculated, from paint to labor materials.
  • Plumbing – PlanSwift swiftly measures linear feet for CPVC, drain, and supply piping. Save time by avoiding costly errors and maximize your profits.

Software Features

Takeoff Tools

  • Auto Count
  • Drag and drop assemblies on takeoff items
  • Labeled point counts
  • Scaled point counts
  • Add hyperlink to takeoff items
  • Custom point count symbols
  • Send takeoff data to 3rd party software
  • Calculate roof areas
  • Calculate cubic yards
  • Easily adjust takeoff items if needed
  • Use magnifier while in takeoff mode
  • Multiple measurements derived from a takeoff
  • Customize inputs on forms
  • Audit Trail with timestamp and username
  • Organize takeoff data by division
  • Organize takeoff data by phase
  • Organize takeoff data by location
  • Organizer takeoff data by zone
  • View and takeoff multiple pages
  • Apply hatch patterns to takeoff items
  • Label takeoff items
  • Customizable page legend
  • Ortho mode
  • Snap to CAD lines
  • Snap to axis
  • Box takeoff mode
  • Custom line widths
  • Separate linear takeoff items
  • Easily copy and past takeoff items
  • Hip and valley calculator
  • Standard Digital Takeoff Capability (Area, linear, segment, count)
  • Undo Functionality
  • Pitch calculator
  • Triangulate tool
  • Advanced joist tool
  • Beam tool
  • Annotations/Notes
  • Intuitive page scaling with No ratio (⅛” = 1’, ect.)
  • Deduct areas from areas (Cutouts)
  • Mouse hints promoting you “what to do next” while performing takeoff
  • Arc tool for radiuses
  • Built in digitizer tablet integration
  • Free-hand drawing
Estimating Features

  • Create custom assemblies
  • Import Excel Items
  • Calculate Labor
  • Calculate Material
  • Calculate Taxes
  • Create custom formulas
  • Includes standard reports
  • Create unlimited number of customer reports
  • Add markup percent
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Metric support
  • Export report to Excel
  • Link to Database lists
  • Supports product item numbers
  • Supports cost codes
  • Integrates with 3rd party programs
  • Excel integrations
  • Print to PDF
  • Point of Sale export

Academic Program

For years before the first college showed interest in the Academic Program in 2007, PlanSwift was building on the original Academic Pilot Program. Then in 2009 two schools entered the academic program, each had an excellent construction management program. The student and university development program formally launched in August of 2010 and ever since then PlanSwift’s Academic Program Team has been working to build a bigger, more diversified program to help students all across North America. The end goal is to create a program that joins colleges/universities with technological advancements and provide the stepping stones necessary for the construction industry’s future contractors, estimators, and buildings. The Academic Program includes:

  • Complimentary software
  • Course Materials
  • Ability to share plans with students and associates
  • PlanSwift certification at your school
  • Alumni Discounts
  • PlanSwift provides each school with a code that they can give to their students that will give them a discount on the PlanSwift software once they graduate.

There are 3 different portals available to customers, those include: Professor Portal: Offers complimentary copies of the software to the educator so they can evaluate and determine how to incorporate it into their classrooms. Student Portal: Sold for a tenth of the price of the standard retail edition, the student gets the full set of features – no limitations. Educational Programs: Teachers can empower their students to learn and complete construction material takeoffs and estimates with the construction industry’s leading software package.

Referral Program:

The PlanSwift Referral Program allows someone on one website to refer visitors to another website. selling a product and can get credit for any product that is purchased on that website from the referred visitors. PlanSwift pays 30% commission for each sale from the visitors. Just fill out the application form to get started! PlanSwift has resellers in

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • North Africa
  • The Middle East
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Philippines

Classroom Training:

Classroom training was started in the summer of 2015 to give our customers more opportunities to fully learn and understand the software. The training includes 2 full days of detailed training and Level 1 certification in the software. You can customize your PlanSwift software to work more efficiently with your business and specific trades. At this class you will learn how to do takeoffs, create parts and assemblies, advanced properties, templates, reports, and more. Classroom training also offers:

  • 15 hours of training with our seasoned estimators
  • Level 1 Certification
  • Fundamental building blocks
  • Both basic and advanced feature training.
  • Learn tips and tricks
  • Custom templates
  • Meals: Thursday lunch with PlanSwift employees, Thursday dinner will be out with PlanSwift training staff. Lunch on Friday will also be provided.
  • Support: Free 1 on 1 follow up training the second day.


Plugins are an easy and convenient way to customize your PlanSwift software to your trade specific construction company. There’s countless numbers of plugins designed specifically with customer’s needs in mind. From concrete to plumbing, there’s a plugin for almost everyone. Other trades include: Drywall, Earthwork, Electrical, Framing, Free wPS Maint, General Contracting, General Part, Integrations, Job costing, Landscaping, Masonry, MS Office, Painting, and PlanSwift Tools.

Critical Reception:

Software Advice Software Advice is a service that assists people in finding software that would work best for their customers and their company. Essentially, they’re simplifying the software selection process. With 377, 303 buyers that they’ve advised, PlanSwift employees are excited about the reviews the company has gotten. Harvey from Senger Roofing said, “In my experience with PlanSwift software I find that uploading plans, from both paper copies and internet links, is simple and easy. This makes it quick to get started on take off for calculations. I am a roofer and I need to have totals from squares of material on roofing projects. I have found this program invaluable in conducting my estimating for upcoming projects, saving me time and money from necessary job site visits. Software Advice was right on the money when they recommended PlanSwift!” Capterra Capterra is a company made to help you find business software, “the smart way.” PlanSwifts average rating on Capterra is 4.5-5 stars out of 5. Scott Lewis, a professional salesman at ProBuild said in one of many positive reviews, “PlanSwift if a lifesaver. The time I have saved using PlanSwift has increased my time in the field selling, and the time I get to spend with my family. I no longer sit at the dining room table doing take off’s by hand. During the training, I was able to pick up things that I never considered before making my estimates more accurate. That turns into higher confidence from my clients which translates into higher sales. There is no doubt that PlanSwift is one of the most important tools in my arsenal.” Glass Door PlanSwift has been quoted as a “great place to work” and “best place to work” on Glass Door’s website. Glass Door is a website that helps people looking for a job, find one that best suits their needs as well as helps employers know what they’re doing right, or wrong. PlanSwift has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating and has been 100% recommended to a friend. FaceBook User’s on FaceBook have been raving about the experience they’ve had with the software with many quotes like, “If you need this type program it simply rocks! Download a free trial and use it then call Mike Taylor and tell him you followed my link, I’ve used it for years and can customize to your heart’s desire and it’s fantastic!! It sped up my bid process in the last two years and I exceeded over $500k in work in 5 months alone! Mike is my account Manager and will do all he can for you, it’s a A-Rated product!” Thanks Steve Mullins for that amazing review!

PlanSwift versions

  • 6.1 – Added estimating module, customized estimating column view, added hotkey toggle for ortho and snap, added snap to digitizer points, added automatic item numbering, added verify points when recording, added art tool, added auto-scale feature, digitizer record button moved to main toolbar, added export/import estimating tab
  • Added network common tab, added parts and assembly tabs types, light bulb to hide/show digitizer, and load from template optimizing.
  • 6.2 – Restricted reserved words for property names, added apply scale to all pages, optimized excel exporting, added ‘show item number’ to excel export from pages window, changed segments to linear total from segment count, and autoupdate for boise plugin.
  • 6.3 – Optimized save routine, added show me how videos, added transfer licence, added PlanSwift welcome screen, PDF to TIF converter enhancement, added export framing area to BC framer, added sample painting templates, added sample carpentry templates, and updated export to Excel.
  • 6.4 – Updated line entry totaling, added adjust point size in settings, updated PDF password compatibility, updated PLN overlay and loading, and added “auto save when moving nodes/sections” to settings.
  • 7.1 – Updated scripts, update insert bid item, added width side and transparency to linear and segment objects, added load from template to right click menu, added apply button to “edit estimating item”, updated arc drawing, update linear and segment drawing.
  • 7.2 – Updated date time conversion, minor update in window docking, update linear and segment drawing, updated printer configuration, updated printing, dimension tool update, added point in area to scripting, and updated print configuration.
  • 8.0 – Updated image downsizing, updated dimension tool, optimized image downsizing, added saving of customized toolbar layout, added layout manager, added ability to recorder bookmarks, added setting to confirm when recording dimensions, combined master columns list and select columns list, added new functions to scripting, get property count (itemID) and get property, added “show me how” button, added “new part and new assembly” buttons to estimating item window toolbar, added ability to show units in the estimating window, added batch printing, added “view” tab in menu, added ability to browse when creating a new job, added ability to do formulas within formulas, added ability to do comparative overlays, added option for automatically remove licence when exiting, added “tell a friend” and “suggestion box” icons in help tab, added updates joist tool beam tool and regenerate totals tool, added ‘add parts’ form, added adjust column to properties.
  • 8.1 –8.7 – Added roundup and rounddown to property formulas and scripting, added clear existing joists checkbox in joist tool, added drop down in estimating properties to insert, added measurement type to job properties, added add new page wizard, added select all and unselect all to print dialog, added COM objects, added Import and Export for items, added plugins manager, added page legend, added hotkeys for plugins, added print estimating tab, added CAL and DJVU file support, added snapshot button, added license manager, added rotate 180 button, added COM events, added select item form, added delete button for license manager, added exit button in application menu, added snap and ortho to status bar, added freehand option to status bar, added download to iPhone and iPod, PDF to TIF defaults to grayscale, added drag and drop from swiftmarket to estimating window, added refer a friend feature, Single click record/apply in templates sidebar, single click record in pages sidebar, added highlighter tool, added tool hint attribute on properties, added linewidth functionality to segments, added arcpoint functionality to segments, added estimating screen, updated iPhone integration, added On point deleted event in properties, New job wizard: improved loading time in select images page, added job loading dialog, added swift images functionality, added “go to page” functionality in pages window, added export/import plugin package, added German and Italian editions, Added default hotkey for ortho, added ‘show me how’ buttons to edit properties, added check to last auto-scaled setting in auto scale dropdown button, added color ability for storages, added remembering of custom colors in color dialogs, added overwrite ability when importing Swiftjob.
  • 9.0 — 9.5 – Added ‘haschildren’ and ‘loadchildrenlist’ to item in COM, added refresh button to parts sidebar, added triangulate as a recordable page item. Added new job ex, get point, get line and get rect methods to COM, added job description to subject line when sending screenshots, added import excel template button to estimating tab, added attachments/import templates to new job dialog, new job wizard now remembers last storage location, added auto update/notification for license blocks, added ‘submit a bug’ to help tab, autocount wizard has been greatly changed, added first review of plugin updater, added additional support for the new plugin store, new page drop down on takeoff page, new takeoff type ‘units’ now shown on page navigator, new zoom to max button to support expanded region outside page, new scale factor displayed on pages for quick reference, new page size and measurement type displayed on pages for quick reference, new drag and draw operations for segments and linears for speed input, new enhanced ‘scroll/hovering’ with fast/slow modes, new max colorized margin indicators for scroll/hovering operations, new arrowheads now appears to dimensions, new add duplicate to takeoff items, new add duplicate to template sidebars/summaries, new added additional settings for dimensions, new expanded focused and selected nodes on sections, new settings options for ‘overtyping’ mode on estimate grid, new settings option for ‘disable job locking’, new add edit box to supply username when job locking is selected, new option to purge takeoff objects with area value of zero, added click and drag takeoff disable option.
  • 10.0 – Added single click feature, added ability to drag and drop items and assemblies from estimate into the templates sidebar, added beam tool, added planswift class type returns string, and added sequence right click menu to the estimating and reports tabs.