Wet weather can be a problem for a number of different types of construction jobs, roofing, excavating, and even concrete. Aside from being extremely unpleasant to work in, heavy rain can also reduce visibility for the drivers of vehicles and equipment. It can turn the ground on the site into mud, which poses its own risks for the safety of the workers.


In many places, heavy rains can cause the ground to become sodden and the water tables to rise causing problems with excavating for utilities or basements. Heavy rains can cause problems even for completed construction jobs. Flood waters can erode roads to the point where they break and get swept away by the flow. Wet weather is especially dangerous and difficult when it comes to working on roofs. Even the most skilled worker can potentially get injured.


Here’s a few pictures and articles showing how wet weather can drastically impact construction sites.


Road is completely carried away in Taiwan during their wet season.


A construction site in Australia is completely flooded after wall collapse.

Learn more about it here: 


Floods through Louisiana that forced 30,000 people to leave their homes.

Learn more about it here:



Moyog River floods construction site.

Learn more about it here:



Venice Island suffering from several days of rain.

Learn more about it here:


Have you ever dealt with wet conditions on your job site? What kinds of impacts did it have for you? Please comment and post your pictures!



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