Takeoff and estimating software can improve your productivity in a number of different ways. From shortening the amount of time spent completing the bid to increasing the accuracy of the project which will end up saving your precious time and money in the future. In this article we’ll explore the Top 3 ways takeoff and estimating software can improve your productivity.

Capability Building

Takeoff and estimating software is one of the most efficient ways to improve your business. Not only will it save you money and resources but it will enable you to complete your bid in a fraction of the time that you could do it by hand.

The construction industry is as competitive as always, especially with most construction companies moving into the digital world. Takeoff and estimating software can give you a leg up on your competition and make sure that you don’t fall behind the pack. Using this kind of software could help you complete and win more bids as well as give your customers an extra degree of confidence in your business and their capabilities.

Todd Shaw from 84 Lumber said, “In over 10 years of performing takeoffs for heavy industrial to residential single family homes, PlanSwift Pro is the most versatile on-screen digitizer in today’s industry. Literally in seconds, an assembly can be utilized with the click of a mouse. I can go from start to finish, and anywhere in between I can start or stop a measurement and work on multiple tasks at once. With its capability of utilizing most any file type, I no longer have to convert multiple files and downloads. PlanSwift takes the guesswork out of a job and replaces it with a level of accuracy unmatched. A big thank you to the PlanSwift software engineers for combining what every estimator needs out of multiple software packages.”

On Site Execution

Introducing a rigorous planning process while completing your bids can help improve the actual execution of the project on the job site. Takeoff and estimating software not only increases your accuracy but increases the quality of the bid so your workers spend less time confused, and more time actually working on the project.

Paul Schleif from MCCar Homes said, “Our company, like every New Home Builder today, is looking for ways to increase productivity and decrease expenses. PlanSwift Pro has become the tool that will help us reach that goal. We believe that by using PlanSwift we will literally trim days off of the time it takes us to perform our construction estimates. PlanSwift’s templates allow us to standardize the work of our whole team, and improve our accuracy. All of our estimators immediately saw the advantage that PlanSwift brings…and they all wanted it immediately! Thanks also to the responsive support staff for even the simplest question.”

Collaboration and Contracting

Collaborating on projects is a simple process with takeoff and estimating software. You can integrate your work with other significant software solutions for your business like Excel. This helps enable you to streamline your workflow and reduce replications of data.

Forming your estimates has never been easier than when using takeoff and estimating software. The software enables you to utilise similar procedures and expenses every time you create a new bid to ensure a quick, painless, and consistent process across your whole business.

Steve Driscoll form Charles T. Driscoll Masonry Restoration Co. said, “I really like this software and so do my employees. We have all benefited a whole lot since using PlanSwift, and the takeoffs are so easy to do. At first, my guys were somewhat hesitant about whether or not they wanted to make the transition of going digital. Most of us around here are not computer geniuses. Now, however, we are all happy we made the switch from paper, to digital. Even if you have no computer skills, you can still easily figure out how to use this program. This program is so sure to pay for itself within no time. It has freed up time for our employees and customer service is always there for us whenever we have questions. I highly recommend PlanSwift to anyone in the Construction industry.”



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