PlanSwift’s takeoff and construction estimating software solution is the catalyst needed to efficiently and accurately complete project estimates. Use PlanSwift’s excellent construction estimating software to include project takeoff information directly into your estimating system and keep away from the errors caused by needing to recall the information. You will never again be forced to waste time and begin each estimate from the ground up, because PlanSwift’s construction estimating software gives you the ability to generate estimates from items you frequently use.

Here are some of the advantages of using PlanSwift’s takeoff and construction estimating software.

Be Faster
Software allows for much quicker estimates. In fact estimating software allows you to save the most time and money of any other software or business tool your company owns.

Be More Precise
The need for correctly and precisely estimating equipment, material, and labor expenses, along with the costs of subcontractors, is more critical, than it has ever been. It is equally important that you also have the ability to accurately monitor stored equipment, installed equipment, as well as backorders. The estimate is key in maintaining your business’s profitability and construction estimating and takeoff software from PlanSwift help to provide the most accurate cost prediction and final bid price as possible.

Be More Consistent
With computerized estimating software from PlanSwift, you will have the ability to utilize repeated processes and expenses during estimate preparation. Once the estimate is complete, the software allows you to save the estimate to compare against the real job cost. As you continue to use our estimating software and build up a cache of estimates and real job costs, the software can provide tools for adjusting future estimates to help improve the accuracy of estimates and help prevent you from going over budget.

Align Your Resources
Takeoff and construction estimating software is also a necessary tool for project managers, who base their decision of how much equipment and how many workers are needed for the job on the results of the estimate. An accurate job estimate also helps the PM plan out and supervise the progress of any and all subcontractors.

Manage Your Departments
Estimating software allows for better communication and smoother responsibility delegation throughout all departments of your business. Accurate job estimates help foremen manage when to request materials and when to supervise job progress. Our software also makes it much easier to account for the flow of revenues and expenses during a project to determine total profit in the end.

Be More Professional
When you use takeoff and construction estimating software from PlanSwift, you will simply be more professional. You will streamline, optimize, and better organize your business. From our software generated estimates you will be able to create quotes and deliver them to your potential clients. Using an agile and intelligent construction estimating software will allow you produce the most accurate and professional estimates for both your business and your customers.

If you have always wanted to complete more accurate takeoffs and estimates in the quickest amount of time, then PlanSwift is for you. Try it risk free with our 14 day free trial, which includes tech support. Our takeoff and estimating software is the premiere product on the market today. Try it. You will be glad you did.


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