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For many women the construction industry is an intimidating place but not anymore. The Women Building Futures is a program that promises to help women gain the skills to go out and get a job in the industry.

This 15 week hands on course teaches women skills that they can then use to get a job in the construction industry. The program starts with the basics, how to use the tools of the trade.

“There’s a big demand for tradesmen and workers in the construction field so this class will give the ladies the opportunity to be able to go out and compete in that arena.” said Kimberly Kitchen, the project coordinator for Women Building Futures.

“The thing was, at the construction site, women get catcalls and all of this stuff. So it was scary at first, continues Kitchen, “It’s ok to learn everything that you need to learn to be a force in the industry that you choose to be in.”

This program not only helps women in the construction industry, but can help women in others as well. Candra Mack Granville, a student in the program, was quoted saying,

“I just knew what the tools were and not all of them by name.” Candra said this will give her an advantage in her real estate business.

“You can negotiate your materials better, you can know your workers better, and it’s just going to end up being a better project.”

Carmen Reyes, another student, use to have her own construction business with her ex-husband and is now taking this class to enhance her skills and use them to become a house flipper.

“This class is giving me the opportunity to be hands-on again and I’m looking forward to learning a lot and putting that knowledge to work.” Said Reyes.

These women are building their own future and challenging the stereotypes that come with women in the construction industry.

“That’s my hope for them is that each and every one of them will complete this class with a fire that says, you know what, no matter what my situation or my circumstances, I choose to be successful,” said Kitchen.


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