How to do estimating for construction.

Estimating for construction should be fast, easy and accurate. However, most of the time it isn’t. We choose not to use the right tools for the job. Luckily, there is a great tool available now in the way of software.

To show you how to quickly, and accurately do estimating for construction read on.


The first step is to digitize you current plans, if not already done. (So far, you can’t just show your plans to a computer and have it work with them. But maybe soon.) You can do this by scanning your paper document.

If you already have your plans in a digital format or if you have now converted it, you are ready to go to the next step.

“PlanSwift has increased our accuracy & speed, especially the joist and overlay features. PlanSwift gives us more functionality than programs that COST 3 TIMES as much. Tech support is fantastic, I’ve never been on hold and the chat is instant. PlanSwift is willing to listen and we have recommended several of our clients to them because of their service and product.”-Dominion Truss / Kevin Rowe

I will use PlanSwift in this example because they are the best and easiest to learn software.

The second step here is to start marking estimates. You can calculate areas, linear, segments and counts with just a click of the mouse.

“PlanSwift has been an excellent addition to the Installed Sales department @ Builders FirstSource. In due time, I can see how it will contribute to countless timely plan takeoffs. I look forward to learning more about the software through daily use and ultimately being able to train my staff. To compliment the effectiveness of the software, the support staff @ Planswift is very accessible and easy to work with on a one on one basis through the trial period and after purchase.”-Builders FirstSource / Drew Stritch

For area, select the area tool from PlanSwift’s main menu tab. Select the area, the program can even work around curves or allow you freehand if you want. The program makes it easy to color code different areas for easy reference later.

Linear estimates can be done in much the same way, just use the PlanSwift linear estimating tool. Segments and counts can be done just as easily.

“We are very happy with PlanSwift. We originally bought the program to be able to convert our PDF files into the software. Now, however, we realize there is so much more to it than just that. PlanSwift has helped increase our efficiency on the larger takeoffs we do, which has saved us mass amounts of time. The techs are always there when we need them, never fail. So far, so good. Very happy!”-Component Structures / Rob Meyers

That is it, you have now completed your construction job estimating. With the color coding you can provide customers with different estimates with just a couple more click.

If you are not already, using construction estimating software in your business you should consider it now. You can even download a FREE 14 day trial of PlanSwift today to see just how easy and accurate this program can be.

Just complete the form below and you will be given instant access to PlanSwift. You will also be eligible for free training on this program. Just complete the form now, don’t wait.