New York City’s newest skyscraper “The Spiral” is now under construction. This 1,031 foot tall building is the fifth super-tall to be added in the area. “The Spiral” was designed by New York’s own Bjarke Ingels Group and commissioned by developer Tishman Speyer as a part of the revitalization of the Midtown West part of Manhattan.

“The Spiral” is aptly named after its defining feature of balcony gardens that wrap around the building. The gardens will be referred to as “the evolution of the modern, collaborative and sustainable workplace,” the developer describes, “the terraces will ascend, one per floor, in a spiraling motion to create a unique, continuous green pathway that wraps around the facade of the tower and supplies each occupant with readily accessible outdoor space.”

The building will feature 2.85 million square feet of office space over 18 floors according to the New York YIMBY. “The Spiral” is located on the northern tip of the High Line elevated park between 34th and 35th street at the heart of the Hudson Yards, which is New York City’s fastest growing neighborhood. This project has reactivated Midtown West with the largest development project in American history.

“The Spiral combines the classic Ziggurat silhouette of the pre-modern skyscraper with the slender proportions and efficient layouts of the modern high rise,” said Ingels. “Designed for the people that occupy it, The Spiral ensures that every floor of the tower opens up to the outdoors creating hanging gardens and cascading atria that connect the open floor plates from the ground floor to the summit into a single uninterrupted work space. The string of terraces wrapping around the building expand the daily life of the tenants to the outside air and light.”

Permits for “The Spiral” site were filed back in 2015 but approval wasn’t granted until February of 2018. The project is expected to be completed by 2022 and is said to be well worth the wait.


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