Software for the construction industry is become a requirement. Over the last couple of years the quality, power and value of construction software has grown to such a place that all any size company could benefit from its use.

What many construction industry contractors are finding is that the software they use is giving them an advantage over others in the marketplace. By using software, they are able to do more, in less time, and with fewer people than ever before. This is saving them time and money, savings their competitors are not saving.

“PlanSwift is one of the most versatile and user friendly estimating programs we have used to date. PlanSwift not only works well as an estimating software, but as a tool to help sell more product.”-ProBuild / John Huck

With the current state of the construction industry, every little bit of savings is needed. This is why more and more companies starting using construction software every week.

Now the companies that are not using software are finding they have a hard time keeping up with those who do.

PlanSwift is the number one construction takeoff and estimating software in the industry for a reason, because it allows users to finish their work in 1/10 the time it was taking them to do the same work by hand.

“In over 10 years of performing takeoffs for heavy industrial to residential single family homes, PlanSwift Pro is the most versatile on-screen digitizer in today’s industry. Literally in seconds, an assembly can be utilized with the click of a mouse. I can go from start to finish, and anywhere in between I can start or stop a measurement and work on multiple tasks at once. With its capability of utilizing almost any file type, I no longer have to convert multiple files and downloads. PlanSwift takes the guesswork out of a job and replaces it with a level of accuracy unmatched. A big thank you to the PlanSwift software engineers for combining what every estimator needs out of multiple software packages!”-84 Lumber / Todd Shaw

This is time now available to be used elsewhere or time a company did not need to pay an employee to complete work.

Over 8,000 companies in the construction industry have already switched to PlanSwift software and today you can do the same at no cost. To give new users the chance to experience the speed and power of PlanSwift you can start a 14-day FREE trial of PlanSwift 9.0 today.