A project management plan document is a great way to keep track of the master plan of a large or complex construction project. Many times these complex projects will have many moving parts each independent but still restricted by others.

The drywalls cannot finish their work until the walls are wired, even though these two trades are probably working for different contractors they need to work together to insure the process is finished correctly.

This is where a project plan document can be very helpful. By having a master plan, that shows everyone at a glance what is happening. This way is one contractor is getting too far behind or ahead they will be able to see this and make adjustments before it becomes a problem.

A great way to do this is visually with graph or white board. This way people can see and interpret the time lines.

The larger the project the larger this document will become, however is still needs to sent to all parties on a regular interval. A great way to do this is to get the plan document as a part of the job pages and send those pages or take a picture of the white board and send it.

Send Plan and pagesPlanSwift is a great option for this as the program has a very powerful email sending feature. With this feature, you can send job pages or any other file to as many people as you want.

To make life better for you and the receiver these pages are uploaded to a secure server where they can be downloaded when the time is right. This way plans can be sent to a smart phone without bogging it down too much.

This is just one more way PlanSwift has been designed to help get your job done faster.