The pre-construction readiness training program is a training program based out of Fort Myers in Florida that trains young unemployed people for the construction industry in a fraction of the time average training programs normally do. The pre-construction readiness training program was created to help with Florida’s increasing job shortage in the construction industry.

The training program only takes 8 weeks, just 60 hours, to complete and is completely free to enroll. You’ll learn the construction industry through their application based environment that’s designed specifically to engage the students while improving their skills so they can go on to have a successful career in the industry.

What’s included in the class?

  • Training in Construction 101
  • Basic safety training
  • Introduction classes for hand tools and ladders
  • Classes in basic construction math
  • Communication skills class
  • Employability skills class
  • Introduction classes for handling materials, roofing, and drywall
  • First aid classes and certification

The pre-construction readiness training program at the South Fort Myers job site provides hammers, blow torches, and even heavy machinery to give the students some hands on training with the tools they would actually be using in the construction field.

The training program was created by Bob Kramer and Mike Love to help fill the void of construction workers in Florida. After the training course is complete the students are put right to work on a job site where they are trained and certified for free.

“When I look at the unemployment rate in the city of Fort Myers,” Mike Love, direction of the Southwest Florida Enterprise Center said, “it runs from 4.2% in 2017 to up to 21%.”

“By developing that program in 2017, we were able to successfully launch our first training class in April of 2018,” Bob Kramer, the project executive added, “and since, (we) have successfully graduated over three different graduating classes.”


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