Many of the best Oklahoma contractors are discovering new, time saving ways to work with their local planroom. This timesaving in directly translating into financial rewards for them.

The key to this timesaving has been the use of construction takeoff and estimating software. This software allows users to reduce the time it takes to complete takeoffs by a large amount. In addition, by using this in conjunction with progressive planrooms even more time can be saved.

It is the partnering that has the greatest potential to help contractors in the current construction market. With the need to bid on more jobs to keep crews busy, builders need to do everything they can to reduce the amount of time needed to produce a takeoff.

Some planrooms in Oklahoma understand this and have begun to adopt new procedure to help speed up the process. The best of these is the setting up of an online or digital planroom. With these planroom, owners can provide access at all hours and at great speed.

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Integrating Online PlanRooms with PlanSwift

Benefits for Plan Room

PlanSwift Estimating Software is perfectly positioned to work with organizations in the reprographic community on many fronts. Our capability, price point, and customer centric focus have propelled PlanSwift Software to be the
fastest growing estimating and takeoff tool on the market. Electronic plan distribution coupled with point and click estimating technology is a powerful, cost effective solution. If you are linked with DFS, you are most likely already integrated with PlanSwift. It is as simple as downloading directly into PlanSwift and starting your project. We want to work with you and offer true solutions for you and your clients. This is an extremely synergistic relationship that is set up for success. PlanSwift also opens up many new opportunities for making money in the digital age. As a business partner, we are offering financial incentives such as commissions for referring leads to PlanSwift.

Benefits for Customers

The contracting community needs a solution to do takeoffs and estimates easily and accurately, without “breaking the bank” to buy an expensive solution. We can fill that need. Having PlanSwift available to download digital blueprints from the online plan room will help streamline the entire process. Not only do they receive the software, but we offer a free training with an experienced estimator to help them get going. Time, accuracy, speed, efficiency, and ease of use are the benefits of PlanSwift. Putting PlanSwift to work in an electronic plan room unleashes a powerful combination that builders and contractors deserve.
Try PlanSwift to simplify your hvac estimating.

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