The construction industry is making improvements every day, in this article you’ll see some of the new innovative technology being used in the construction world.


Recently there have been new breakthroughs in robotics for the construction industry. One of these new innovative products in “SAM” a semi-automated-mason. “SAM” is a bricklaying robot that was designed and engineered by Construction Robotics and will be the first bricklaying robot available to the general public that doesn’t actually replace a traditional mason. Instead, it just enhances the mason’s productivity up to five times what they would normally be able to accomplish.

Zak Podkaminer from Construction Robotics was quoted saying “Construction will benefit from robotics in work that is dangerous, is repetitive, and where heavy lifting is required. In high precision work such as complex designs and patterns, robotics will provide a significant time savings allowing for more digital fabrication and provide architects more creative flexibility.”


Using drones in the construction industry can reduce the amount of human hours usually spent measuring a building to a fraction of what it use to be. Using drones the user can map a construction site and create either a two or three dimensional images to work on. Though it could be expensive, using advanced drones with a coordinate-based system, you can achive complete accuracy for your measurements.

Deep Chakraborty, CEO of ENACT Systems was quoted saying “While the use of drones is proliferating now, the construction industry lacks good software platforms and tools that can process such images rapidly and simplify the analytical activity.”

Takeoff and Estimating Software

While many companies are still using physical plans to complete their projects, takeoff and estimating software is making consistent improvements to the construction industry and the process required for each bid. Communication between contractors has never been easier. Some software offers centralized storage for all of your project related files. Other features may vary depending on which takeoff and estimating software you decide to go with.

Dustin DeVan, CEO of Building Connected was quoted saying, “Before the hammer hits the nail, hundreds and sometimes thousands of business communicate with one another to set budgets and decide who’s working on what.”

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