Most construction companies require boots with built in toe protection now, but what about your hands? Too much protection can sometimes be a bad thing, it’s hard to find durable and reliable gloves while maintaining functionality and mobility of your hands but too little protection and you could end up hurting yourself. That’s where Mark VIII gloves come in.

Jorge Sgombich displayed his innovative safety gloves in Santiago back in July of 2016 after winning a gold medal at the Invention & New Product Exposition in the “Safety and Security-Personal” category in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of June 2016.

Sgombich commented on the scope of the Mark VIII glove ranges “from maintenance and operation to entire industries such as mining, forestry, and the fishing industry. They can be used for domestic activities in general, for any activity where there is a degree of exposure to an accident involving the hands.”

The Mark VIII gloves are made from shatterproof thermoplastic material that cover the fingertips and the top of the entire glove keeping your hands safe while also giving you the ability to still work and handle your tools without hindrance. These gloves even keep the hands sensitivity and fine motor skills.

Mark VIII gloves are available in four different varieties ranging from nitrile gloves with short cuff kidskin to leather gloves with long cuffs that are better for handling difficult construction jobs like welding.

Mark VIII protects against…

  • Cuts
  • Punctures
  • Crushing
  • General impacts
  • Burns

No word yet on the pricing or the availability of the Mark VIII gloves but the inventor seems optimistic about the product.


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