How much paint to order for a commercial painting job can be a bit art and guesswork. Of course, this can lead to actual cost to the painter being more than expected if either too much paint is ordered or another batch must be much paint

That is why many professional painters are turning to PlanSwift to help with estimating needs. Because PlanSwift can handle how much paint will be needed plus other calculations like crown molding, tools, and labor it is a great way to accurately estimate for any painting job.

How much paint takeoff and estimating softareBy using original drawing or plans in just about any format paint estimating can be done on screen from anywhere it is convenient. Simply load the drawing into a new PlanSwift job and start marking up the areas to be painted. After that, all that is needed is to drag and drop a pre-built assembly onto the area and the estimating software will do the rest. In seconds, you will know how much paint you need in whatever size you want, gallon, 5 gallons, litters, or any other measure.

The best way to see what PlanSwift can do for you is to take it for a trial, which is why PlanSwift is offering you their PlanSwift Pro 9.0, the latest version, free for 14 days. Simply download it here and start using. If you want to make sure you get the most out of the program be sure to take advantage of the free one-on-one training that comes along with the download.

Painting & Wall Coverings Estimating & Takeoff Software

So how much paint do you really need for that next project? Are you sure?  PlanSwift takes the guesswork out of estimating by accurately calculating square footage for every area, including trim, doors/windows and other painted surfaces. PlanSwift is the #1 takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry.

PlanSwift makes sure you know the exact dimensions of the project before you commit to an estimate. You can automatically adjust your materials list based on the surface to be covered and the materials you’ll use. You will accurately account for every wall and ceiling surface — straight or curved –- and you’ll instantly know what’s been counted using PlanSwift’s color-coding system.

A better bottom line begins with PlanSwift.