Decking takeoffs have never been easier thanks to PlanSwift’s innovative Joist tool. This tool enables you to quickly calculate your material needs to get an accurate takeoff, everytime. PlanSwift is the number one takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry on the market today. It works for all trades, in this article you’ll learn how PlanSwift can help with decking takeoffs.

With the Joist Tool you can easily create an overlay directly on the original plan so you can retain the accuracy as well as the scale of the plan. PlanSwift also comes with other easy to use Excel Style estimating tools that will help you create exact material assemblies for any decking job. Do your work in a fraction of the time you would by doing your estimates by hand with PlanSwift.

How can PlanSwift help with Decking Takeoffs?

  • Use our Single Click tool for speedy measurements of deck areas.
  • Get quick and easy counts of deck boards, hardware, and joists.
  • Calculate waste, labor, and material with ease.
  • Save time, increase your profits, and grow your business with PlanSwift.

“And I’ve only been using this for about 3-4 days maybe and can’t image not having it. I’ve already downloaded multiple projects and my productivity levels have increased dramatically… this thing is so easy to grasp it’s unreal.” said General Contractor Mike Kellogg when asked about his experience with PlanSwift.

Enhance your productivity and profits with PlanSwift

  1. Simple Point and Click Takeoffs
  2. Drag and Drop materials instantly
  3. More Accurate Estimates


Get some quick and easy tips on how to use the Joist Tool in our video here:

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