Frozen Construction Site

Freezing temperatures can cause numerous problems on the construction site. They can’t be avoided or prevented but in most cases you can predict the weather with fairly good accuracy and plan accordingly.

How do Freezing Temperatures Affect Construction?

On the site: Cold weather poses a number of different problems on the construction site. It can cause the water and solvents in paint to freeze, which slows down the curing process significantly. One of the bigger problems caused by cold weather is when bricks or concrete become weakened by the ice crystals that form inside them. All the equipment used on construction sites have to be winterized by using lubricants that are designed to withstand icy temperatures.

The Equipment Finance Advisor has explained that mortar and grout can be some of the things that are most affected by cold weather. Mostly because when they become too cold they can’t properly absorb moisture and it causes them to become weaker and less resistant to water in the future.

The workers: Workers are affected by cold weather just like any other part of the construction site. They will have to wear additional layers during outdoor projects which may make it more difficult to complete the job. Interface has pointed out that wearing multiple layers can restrict movement and the ability to handle items carefully. Cold weather affects the body too. Muscles and joints are less flexible and are harder to move which can cause a greater risk for injury.

Prevention: If you know that your site could potentially be at risk for extreme weather conditions you should take some precautions to protect your equipment. Steel storage containers are commonly used to protect supplies and equipment from rain, snow, or even excessive sun. Always winterize your equipment to ensure it lasts the winter and always make sure your site is safe your workers.

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