With this offer you can try PlanSwift electrical estimating software free to see just how much time it will save you.

This is really an unbelievable offer because not only do you get the full professional version of PlanSwift 9 but you can also receive free one-on-one training with a professional PlanSwift trainer. This training will help you get to know your way around the program, make your first assemblies and start customizing the program for your electrical needs.

We have built PlanSwift with customization in mind, because we know no two people want to do estimating the same. Therefore, instead of forcing you to conform to the program we have designed it to work for you.

The makes the training even that much more valuable, because it shows you how to get PlanSwift to work your way.

To see what PlanSwift software can do for you and your electrical estimating needs download a copy now and schedule your training.

Free Electrical Takeoff & Estimating Software

How much copper wiring will you waste on your next job because you don’t know the precise length needed? Do your runs snake around corners and drop down walls? How many fixtures will you need – exactly. Now there’s an easy way to figure lengths, materials counts and other important elements of an electrical job. Use PlanSwift, the #1 takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry.

PlanSwift’s unique tools let you easily calculate requirements using the original plans supplied electronically by the general contractor or homeowner. You can make fast work of estimates with PlanSwift and your estimates will be tailored to your unique materials costs and labor requirements (credit telford). Thousands of electrical contractors use PlanSwift every day to contain costs and create accurate estimates. In fact, PlanSwift is the #1 takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry

If you do your estimating by hand, you’ll do it in half the time with PlanSwift.