Estimate construction costs with the help of PlanSwift 9.0 construction takeoff and estimating software. With the help of PlanSwift over 10,000 construction professionals have found a quicker way to estimate construction.

PlanSwift 9.0 is taking the already powerful software program to new level. Adding new features to make the user experience even better than before and to add new ways to get work done even quicker than before.


“PlanSwift is one of the most versatile and user friendly estimating programs we have used to date. PlanSwift not only works well as an estimating software, but as a tool to help sell more product.”-ProBuild / John Huck


Check out the new features below, or Click Here to Watch the Video


  • Undo! – now you can undo any change
  • When emailing plans to other users, the ability to select individual pages from the list.
  • Add columns to the “Open Job” dialog…example “Estimator” or “Due Date”


  • All new ribbon bar – more efficient use of the toolbar space
  • Quick Search – search all commands in the ribbon bar, plus searching your current estimates, and templates at the same time
  • New “Notes” sidebar…see all notes on the job in 1 place
  • New docking system – (windows don’t get lost)
  • Multi-select capability – hold SHIFT or CTRL to select multiple items
  • Color themes…Black, Blue, Silver


  • Hyperlinks. Click hyperlinks on the page to either navigate to a URL or function as a bookmark to another page
  • Search the pages window
  • Folder structure for images: Now the user can group images in folders, such as “Architectural”, “Structural”, “Civil”, etc.
  • “Tabbed” browsing. Open multiple images at the same time…overall the software feels more like a “browser” for blueprint images, with powerful capabilities. Dock or undock tabs and move to additional monitors
  • Hover navigation: Hover over arrows (up, down, left, right) to pan around the page (perfect for touch screens too)
  • Takeoff / Image
  • Templates


  • Database integration: Ability to create custom lists (example: Items, Customers, Divisions, etc.) that can be linked to database


  • Database Integration: Link PlanSwift to any existing ADO compatible database (including Excel, SQL Server, MS Access) for Price Lists, Customer Lists, etc.
  • Object oriented estimating (with Object Inheritance): We are introducing a new concept here. Each estimating assembly or formula can be “inherited” to other similar items allowing powerful plugins to be created with “Smart” functionality while digitizing.
  • Modify item properties directly from the estimating screen
  • Automatic units conversions – Enter values in IN, FT, M, CM, or any measurement type and it gets automatically gets converted


  • Reporting: Greatly enhanced reporting capabilities. Sort & group the data any way you want, and save pre-built “Views”
  • Calculated Column – ability to create a column that is stored only on the report (not on the items) and calculates on the fly
  • Customizable page layout for reports (add logo, etc.)
  • Modify item properties directly from the reports screen
  • Excel 2010 Compatibility for the Live Excel integration

Language / International:

  • Better metric compatibility
  • Language Packs – Ability for the software to operate in multiple languages


  • New Property/Field Types: CheckBox, Color, Memo, Image, Path, Slider Bar, and more (store these properties on any item)
  • Friendly “Input” screen when editing properties
  • Form Designer: Ability to give templates friendly form inputs by using the form designer

Development Platform

  • New Concept of “Storages”: Allows the user to control where their job data and templates are stored (folder on HD, in a database, in XML file, etc.)
  • Much more open architecture – Every object (page, bookmark, area, linear, count, template….anything….has it’s own XML based set of properties for storing/tagging additional information to. Perfect for plugins to piggypack on PlanSwift architecture)
  • Ability to embed/integrate 3rd party apps into the software as a seamless solution (appearing as 1 software)
  • Ability for Events/Methods to launch Executable Plugins
  • New Script Editor window with built-in help files

Help / Support

  • More integrated experience


  • Parts show what type of takeoff item they need dropped onto
  • Export to Excel “Report”: Ability to define a “Report” from an Excel template (such as Invoice/Estimate), and have it populated with Data from PlanSwift (this is different functionality than the existing Live Excel integration)
  • SwiftMarket integration: The most powerful tool for buying and selling construction materials and services, now linked into the #1 takeoff software.


“I have used various estimating programs over the past years and I have found PlanSwift to be an extremely user friendly program. It was easy to get a new user up and running with minimal training down time. After I downloaded the program and with the excellent assistance of Matt Miller in tech support, I was doing takeoffs with plans the very first day. One exceptional feature it has afforded me that I have found invaluable is the ability to work on customer’s reproduced plans that are no longer to scale, which is something many of our sales force have come to rely on. Since that first day, the program and all its many facets have increased my efficiency and productivity in estimating and completing material takeoffs across the board. Add to this the economical cost factor of the program as compared to other programs which are much more expensive and require additional ‘hardware’ and much more training, it goes without saying this program pays for itself in short order. I would and do highly recommend this program to other estimators with large or small companies, you will be surprised and amazed at what it can do for your profitability and efficiency”-Stock Building Supply / Bill Wise


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We will be running maintenance from 3/7 starting at 6pm EST to 3/8 ending at 8am EST. Please be aware that there may be service interruptions during this time.