Duayen, a Turkish company, is the leading supplier of advanced polyurethane spray coating systems and they’ve developed a spray that’s unlike any other. The MS-800 spray can be used for a wide range of applications from automotive uses to the construction industry. The MS-800 spray is marketed under the term “Anti-explosion & Anti-flame coating” which makes it perfect for military applications too.

Not only can this polyurethane top coat paint be used for construction and the military but there are other unique uses as well. It can be used for artificial turf, rubber tiles and marine, and also two component hydro-insulation coatings that are used in parking areas, roof protection, industrial flooring, oil platforms, bridges, and tunnels.

What are the benefits to using MS-800?

  • Improved Ballistic Properties

From the videos released by Duayen promoting the spray we can experience just how durable MS-800 really is. From coating and shooting watermelons and PU-coated drums, the spray didn’t break, not even once.

  • Amazing insulation

The MS-800 spray has incredible sound insulation properties that absorb vibrations and provide better insulation than traditional methods.

  • High Chemical resistance

MS-800 was designed by Duayen to be highly resistant to chemicals and the problems they commonly cause in the auto and construction industry.

Duayen’s spray is dispensed through a powerful spray nozzle that ensures consistent and even coats every time and can adhere to nearly any surface. During testing, this spray resisted any kind of impact including hammers, bending, and even fire.

If you need to keep something from breaking, Duayen’s MS-800 polyurethane paint spray is definitely something you should consider using. It’s quick, easy and most of all, durable.


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