2.3 million construction workers around the world frequently work on scaffolds and cranes for various work projects. Many of the people working these projects find themselves hundreds and sometimes thousands of feet above the ground. For these people, it’s just another day on the job. But for a Russian couple, those same cranes are a dream waiting to be climbed.




Before the climb


Daredevil couple Angela Nikolau and Ivan Kuznetsov gained internet fame from posting exciting photos taken from incredible heights. They’ve been traveling around the world to scale the tallest buildings and structures, just for fun. Their fame climbed just as high as they did when they decided to climb the world’s tallest construction site in Tianjin, China.


The Goldin Finance 117 or China 117 is the tallest construction site in the world and will soon make it’s debut as the second tallest building in the world. When completed the building will be 117 stories off the ground.


To make this adventure even more unbelievable, the couple climbed the 2,000 foot site without harnesses. The footage they captured on their way up the structure would make just about anyone nauseous.


“I did it to prove to myself that I can do this,” Kuznetsov told Inside Edition. “I always climb to the top if I’m fully confident with my abilities, I’m not afraid of getting caught.”


Isn’t that illegal?


Technically it was illegal for Angela and Ivan to climb to the top of the construction site but that’s never been an issue for them before. Many of their climbs require them to scout out a location before to try and figure out how they can get around security.


“Yes, it was illegal to climb,’ Kuznetsov admitted. ‘We didn’t have permission to do this climb.”


The couple have climbed various other famous structures like the Sagrada Familia in Spain, the Shanghai Tower in China and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, documenting every climb and posting it to social media.


As they reached the top of their now highest climb, they took a moment to hold each others hand as they looked around the city 2,000 feet below them. A drone the couple brought took a panoramic video of the couple from the top of the crane.


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