Cost estimating construction is a major part of any business, the lifeblood for any construction business. The importance of proper estimating cannot be understated, that is why many owner take the task on them self.

For an owner this can be very important, proper estimating often is the difference between the ultimate success of a company and failure.

“No grievances, makes estimating much easier, it’s very user friendly”-T & W Spic and Span Cleaning Services / Natasha

The problem with the owner taking on the estimating task is it becomes one more time consuming project, for someone who often is already overworked. Every hour spent estimating is an hour the owner could have been doing something else.

That is why the timesavings afforded by using PlanSwift is valuable. By dramatically reducing the time, it takes to complete construction cost estimates owners are freed to do other tasks. Tasks that would otherwise not have been done.

“PlanSwift is an accurate and efficient means for taking off and estimating in today’s market. You are able to use several downloads and formats from web based sites to input into PlanSwift to create estimates. I have used this program side by side with several different softwares and compared it to the digitized information as contractors usually use and have found that the margin of accuracy was at most 2% difference from alternate methods. In today’s market every quantity counts and your accuracy is the biggest ally you have when pricing these jobs. I would strongly recommend PlanSwift to anyone in the construction or estimating market, and have.”-Dubose Construction Company LLC / Nathan Edwards

By allowing the owner to move on to other tasks they are often able to do tasks that will bring in more money.