Finding the construction estimating calculator can be a challenge. There are many things you need to look at in order to get a construction estimation calculator program that will work for you.

Several factors you should think about before investing in any construction estimating calculator to insure you find the best are:

  • Construction Estimating CalculatorHow easy is it to learn. From the beginning this is a major item you should think about. Estimating software that is too hard to learn will not be used and therefore will do you no good.
  • How much can the program grow with you. Look for a program that can grow with you. If you are a good professional contractor you will soon find yourself growing into larger projects or growing your reach of business. Just like the roofing contractor who grows his business into a general contractor role over a couple of years. If you buy a program that just works for you right now, you will need to spend even more money in a year or two to purchase another construction estimating software program.
  • What is the quality of the support team. Everyone of us ends up needing to ask questions from time to time. Estimating software will be no different. So you should look for a company that has quality support people who know what they are talking about. Preferably people who have been in the trades before and can talk your language.
  • How powerful is the program. Many of the supposed best construction estimating software programs on the market are really little more than spreadsheets with some fancy graphics on them. They may look great but they are not able to handle complex calculation needed when estimating projects. They leave you to do the math, and figure how much material or labor you will need. What you really want is a software program that will do all the work for you. Simply show the computer what you want estimated and it should do the rest. Kicking out the right numbers in the end
  • Find a program that is accurate. There is nothing worse than getting a program that is less accurate than you are with paper and ruler in hand.

construction takeoff and estimating softwareWhen you look around and compare the programs on the market, you will come back again and again to one program. The leader in the industry which has customers raving about it from all types of construction companies and of all sizes.

That program the best construction estimating software on the market is PlanSwift. This is a remarkable program that fills every need you may have.

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  • You can cut the time it takes to do estimates by 90%. A huge savings on time and money, freeing you up to do other jobs.
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  • Share your work, even blueprints, fast and easy with PlanSwift’s one of a kind blueprint share system. No need to spend hours emailing a print to a couple people. Just send them a link and they can download it when it is a good time for them.
  • Full support from the technical team. You will be given access to the technical team to answer any questions you have. They will will give you access to the crack team in Salt Lake City, UT, the folks that help write the program to make sure all your questions are answered. You can even ask them to add some special features just for you!
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