Construction document management can be handled best with software. As the size and number of documents associated with a construction project continue to it is become essential to manage them with software for construction.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have so why waste it? Every minute you save by using construction document management software like PlanSwift is another dollar you save your company and another minute you can use elsewhere.

Not that other software could not work, but they are not designed to handle the unique aspect of the construction industry. One of the biggest of these unique to building is the need to manage and send construction plans.

These plans are large in size, even as digital files and can require a lot of thought before using them to send plans. Emailing plans to ten people can bog down your computer for thirty minutes while the files slowly uploaded then sent to each person one by one.

On the other side, receiving these plans on a smart phone is impossible and could cause the files to be lost. Or you will slow down the receiver’s computer while it downloads your files. Either of these can be a problem especially if they happen at a bad time, like when the receiver is trying to download critical files as well.

Construction Document Management Software

PlanSwift Send Plans

This is why PlanSwift has its send plans feature. With this feature, you can send plans, images or any files from inside PlanSwift with these troubles. To do this PlanSwift allows you to upload your files to a secure server then sends everyone a link to download the files.

This means the files are not sent to everyone right away they simple receive a quick email from you telling them the files are available. Then the receiver can download the file, wait until later or forward the email to somebody else who can download the files.

“With more and more plans coming in via email and the internet, we saw the need for electronic takeoff software. We reviewed several packages with the intent to select the best package based on features, user friendliness, and value. PlanSwift won easily, beating out more expensive products, some with big names in the industry. My advice.. take a trial run as we did, and you will buy this product.”-Herbert Construction / Michael Hatfield

The link is coded and is personal to you and your files, so only the people you send the link to can access the files, however there is no limit to the number of people you can send the link to.

“I have used other software programs that were extremely complex in the past. Planswift rises above all the others. This program is so easy to use, and when (if ever) I have any problems, the technical support guys are always there to help me. It works perfect for what I need, saves time, money, and the estimating is so much easier than ever before. I now have all my prints e-mailed to me. I am buying another license sometime in the near future, and I’m sure many more to come. “-Steel Structures / Matt Petrat

This is just one more way PlanSwift is working to make your life better and to save you time.