Many small contractors are doing their takeoff and estimates on paper plans by hand because that’s the way they’ve always done it. “If it’s not broke don’t fix it.” right? With the world constantly making improvements, especially in the software field, it just makes sense to make improvements to your business too. Takeoff and estimating software could completely change your company for the better in a matter of just a few hours. Who could say no to improving their business overnight?

PlanSwift if the number one takeoff and estimating software as well as the fastest and easiest takeoff software available on the market today. PlanSwift, improves accuracy, saves time, and increases profit in just three easy steps.


  1. Point and Click – If it’s colored it’s counted, just click on the plan and your area is calculated for you.
  2. Drag and Drop – Simply drag your material and labor assemblies and drop them onto your takeoff.
  3. Print or Export – PlanSwift is fully compatible with Excel and other software, sharing your estimate has never been easier.

What can PlanSwift do for your company?

  • You can save an average of 75% of your estimating time by using PlanSwift.
  • PlanSwift will eliminate your cost of printing your plans as well as save you time to and from the print shop.
  • PlanSwift gives you quicker and more accurate bids.
  • All of your plans will be stored in the same easily accessible location on your computer with PlanSwift.
  • PlanSwift is easy to learn and simple to teach which is why a training package is offered with the purchase of the software.
  • Mistakes are fixed in PlanSwift in a matter of minutes instead of having to recheck all your additions and deletions and the bottom line. With PlanSwift you can make a change in minutes and have your numbers recalculated instantly once they’ve been entered.
  • PlanSwift gives you the option to send a screenshot of your plans with a note to the job site in just seconds giving you better communication with your team and your subcontractors.

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