Building construction cost estimating is a major part of any business, the lifeblood for any construction business. The importance of proper estimating cannot be understated, that is why many owner take the task on them self.

“PlanSwift has done an excellent job in developing this software. I am a builder and over 65 years old and I am not a computer smart person. Nevertheless, in a few hours, I was able to do a take off [areas, linear footage and counts] on a three story house I am building in Georgia. the accuracy was outstanding.”-Tom Santora / Tom Santora – Georgia

For an owner this can be very important, proper estimating often is the difference between the ultimate success of a company and failure.

The problem with the owner taking on the estimating task is it becomes one more time consuming project, for someone who often is already overworked. Every hour spent estimating is an hour the owner could have been doing something else.

“First class customer service! I like this product, it is very user-friendly and I am easily able to put assemblies together. Takeoffs are straightforward and easy to follow. PlanSwift gives you the ability to make nice, printable templates. I use this program for my granite, countertops, drywall, framing, and much more. I highly recommend PlanSwift for everyone in the construction industry.”-Phenix Home Developers / Jeff Dinam

That is why the timesavings afforded by using PlanSwift is valuable. By dramatically reducing the time, it takes to complete construction cost estimates owners are freed to do other tasks. Tasks that would otherwise not have been done.

“We have been reviewing digital display and takeoff software for several years. In our most recent review, PlanSwift instantly stood out as the best product on the market for its features, ease of use, and learning curve. We use PlanSwift for primarily for takeoff, but it has also proven useful for training and on-line collaboration. It is very important to us that estimating tools allow for extensive editing and organizational activities. PlanSwift has filled those requirements with flying colors. We are able to create takeoffs and reports that are ready for input into our company’s electrical database with no further revisions. Please accept our thanks for making paperless construction estimating practical for our company.”-Carr Consulting Services / Stephen F. Carr

By allowing the owner to move on to other tasks they are often able to do tasks that will bring in more money.

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