Building homes can typically take anywhere from a few months to a few years to completely finish and takes tens of thousands of dollars. A San Francisco company claims to have a much cheaper solution that will take a fraction of the time of normal construction.


Apis Cor, a 3D-printing startup company, is making waves in the construction industry with their incredibly affordable solution for building new homes. For just $10,000 Apis Cor will build you a home using its massive 3D-printer and have the project completed within 24 hours. These 400 square foot homes are said to last for 175+ years.


How does it work?


A massive 3D-printer is used to create these homes and even though their small in size, the machine to make them is the size of a small crane. The printer creates the walls by spitting out layer upon layer of a special concrete mixture said to last almost 200 years. After the printer does it’s job, a group of contractors come in and add the insulation, windows, appliances, and a roof.


The printer was originally programmed to construct a round house, applying cement to make the shape of the house. The bot leaves a small gap between the exterior and interior walls where the contractors will put fiberglass reinforcements spraying a polyurethane based mixture as insulation.  

The home features a kitchen that’s separated from the living area by a shallow divider. The living room doubles as a bedroom with a pull-out couch and a small bathroom in one of the alcoves.


“The house can be of any shape, including the familiar square shape, because the additive technology has no restrictions on design of new buildings, except for the laws of physics,” Apis Cor said at the construction site. “It means it’s time to talk about the new fantastic potential of architectural solutions.”  


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