Need a break? Or just good laugh for the day? Check out these hilarious construction site fails


  1. Remodeling gone wrong.

Guess they decided to start over.

2. Human table saw

That friend who’s always got your back.

3. Confusing construction signs

When your teacher tells your you’ll use cursive in the future.

4. Risky ladder trick

I’ll won’t take the ladder on this one.

5.  Nonsense construction signs

Someone wasn’t paying attention.

6.  Stairs to no where

Must be the stairs to Hogwarts.

7. Major highway fail

Less people, less cars. Less cars, less traffic.

8. Unique ladder technique

You’ll be screaming “shoot!” off of these ladders

9. Confusing construction signs

Looks like I’ll be walking on sunshine to get home today

10. Uncomfortable bathroom construction

Not exactly the way you want to get to know your coworkers.

11. Sarcastic construction sign

The contractor finally had enough

12. Unbelievable stairs fail

Stairway to…. heaven?

13. Construction sign lyrics

Construction zone? Or music video?

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