To get the most out of a Wisconsin planroom contractors and estimators need to insure they protect their time and use it wisely.

Far too often people forget what their time is worth and greatly undervalue the the cost is of taking up their time. To get a great idea of what your time is really worth see the article on What Is Your Time Worth. what is your time worth

If you take the time to really think about what your time is worth it can completely change your business and your life.

As an example let’s say your time is worth $100.00 per hour. Now you know that anything that produces less than one hundred dollars an hour should be transferred to somebody else.

planroom plansYou can then fill this open time with activities that do produce $100 or more per hour. Moreover, if you are like most people, you probably have plenty of moneymaking options to fill your time with if you just got rid of the lower items.

If you don’t need to spend hours driving all over town to planrooms and to estimate projects, but instead could spend the time on marketing and find new business or making sure the work you already have gets done you could a lot to your company bottom line.

What are some great items you can offload to others? How about going to planroom and reprographic firms. Let a runner deal with that task, even if it costs a couple of buck you will be well ahead.

Another great option would be to have a lower paid person do the first steps in the estimating process. With a program like PlanSwift, you could have a computer literate kid do the plan digitizing. This would free you up from this task, plus they may well finish quicker than you could.

Once the digitizing is done, you could take over and to the estimating, equations and math, the items that are important and worth $100+ an hour.

PlanSwift offers many great features that would make this very easy to do. Features such as sending plans, free training, and assembly based takeoffs.

In the end by protecting your time and working smart with local planrooms you can add to the bottom line, are more done and finish estimates faster than before.