Will you vote for us?

All,  As announced last week we were nominated for a very prestigious award, the ITA CityLIGHTS Lighthouse Award.  It is somewhat unique in that 50% of the vote is based on the judges – and 50% on public voting, like the old American Idol format.  SO…WE NEED YOU TO VOTE!!!  NOW.  https://www.research.net/s/CL_Voting

How will this benefit us?  It will raise our profile in Chicago and the tech community – nationally.  This will help with recruiting and with clients.  And the award is a positive reflection of the work you do and the great place you have helped make Textura.

You can only vote once.  So, what else can you do to help us win???  SEND THE LINK TO EVERY FAMILY MEMBER AND FRIEND AND ASK THEM TO VOTE!  https://www.research.net/s/CL_Voting

Note that you will also be asked to vote for the other award categories; Textura’s “Lighthouse” category is the 4th one.  Please take the time to vote.

Thanks for your help! Scott