The construction business is one that has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few years. Technology, such as PlanSwift takeoff software, has helped to fuel that growth. In this article, we will tell you just what takeoff software can do for you. We will also compare using construction estimation software to get an estimate to the traditional way of creating estimates.

Doing BluePrint Takeoff the Old Fashioned Way

For many years, getting a construction estimate has been done in the same way. Blueprints are tediously measured with ruler and pencil by hand. Next, using the blueprint, the contractor must estimate just how much of each material will be used in the design. Then these usage estimates must be multiplied by the cost of the materials that will be used. Finally, the entire cost of all the materials is added together. Based upon changes on the overall design, work time, and more, these estimates may be quickly or easily changed, resulting in miscalculations and lost profits.

What is Takeoff Software?

Takeoff software takes much of the time and guesswork out of this process. Using these blueprints digitally uploaded, the computer can instantly estimate just how much of what material will be needed. Pre-configured custom assemblies hold item and supplies cost. Then, each total material cost is calculated together for a grand total. The whole process can take minutes, as compared to hours the old way. Blueprints can easily be altered in programs and re-uploaded for a new estimate.

Benefits of Using PlanSwift Takeoff Software

What are the benefits of using construction estimate software? Here are just a few:

  • Faster than completing blueprints by hand;
  • Less manual calculations. Therefore, less room for overall error;
  • More accurate than using blueprints, where you may be forced to estimate;
  • Easier and fast submission of more job proposals with less errors;
  • Greater profit due to overall saved cost on creating estimates, as well as more jobs won with more accurate estimates;
  • Software that nearly anyone can quickly and easily learn how to use. Completing estimates the old fashioned way took lots of skill, practice, and specialized education, not to mention hours of tedious labor.

Adopting PlanSwift takeoff software into your construction business workflow will reduce time spent and increase the accuracy of your estimates. Your bottom line will benefit!