As technology continues to transform the construction industry, estimators increasingly have access to new tools to help them stay on the cutting edge.

In a recent article in “The Contractor’s Compass,” a publication of the American Subcontractors Association, PlanSwift® President James Purpura examines how technology has reshaped the estimating profession over the years – and how the latest technology is helping estimators do their work more easily.

Recent years have seen the arrival of powerful tools designed specifically to help professional estimators. These sophisticated tools are not just enabling estimators to do their jobs more easily; in a larger sense, they are driving the evolution of the profession.

Central to these next-generation solutions is the simplification and automation of the manual, math-heavy and paper-based tasks that have traditionally made up much of the estimating process. …And, in a key change, such software has enabled estimators to embrace digital communications and document management, further improving efficiency and enabling Contractors to adapt to new, innovative approaches to design and modeling. 

The article also examines what technological changes are likely to come next as the industry embraces new ways of working.

Collaborative approaches have proven particularly effective in construction, given the complexity of projects and the number of participants involved in bringing them to fruition. In addition to improving productivity and mitigating risk, collaboration enhances communication and gives all participants much greater visibility into project activities and data. Given these benefits, the next wave of technology will facilitate the integration of activities across the entire construction project lifecycle.

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