In order to generate an accurate bid for construction work, plan drawings must be reviewed and an accurate determination of dimensions, such as the length and height of a wall or the square footage of an area, and of units, such as the number of electrical outlets, must be made. This process is referred to as take-off.  Prices per unit, wastage rates, and other factors can then be applied to take-off results, and by adding other costs such as labor, overhead and other items, a complete estimate of the cost of the work to be performed can be obtained.

PLANSWIFT® provides advanced functionality that enables users to accurately perform complex take-off tasks from digital plans, right from your computer screen, and to use the quantities thus determined as the basis for estimation of material, labor, and other costs associated with a project. This approach replaces and improves the conventional method of manual measurement and unit count from printed plans and the use of paper or spreadsheet-based methods for estimating costs.

With PLANSWIFT’s visual point-and-click interface, users can drag and drop individual products or assembled product groups directly onto a digitized blueprint.  PLANSWIFT calculates the takeoffs automatically – saving valuable time and effort, allowing industry professionals to complete more precise and accurate bids every day.

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