Five Rules Every Contractor Should Use While Adding On to a House

When working on an addition to a home it is inevitable contractors will disturb the normal flow to home life. What is important at this junction is for contractors to swiftly think about is ways they can reduce the disruptions and insure the homeowners’ happiness with the work.

Contractors need to be able to work efficiently without restricting their activities. However, the homeowner is entitled to a certain amount of respect concerning disruption of normal in-home activities. Therefore, it is wise to set some ground rules from the start.

  1. Set the Rules. Another important rule to set is whether contractors can work when the homeowner is not there, and who needs to be there for oversight. Some owners may not want anyone in the house when they are not there, others may want the general contractor there at all times, while others may give free run during the life of the project. Regardless of what the rules are, they should be clearly defined before the job begins. What to do if the access is not allowed should be address too, and if this will increase the costs, a ballpark of what the increase would be.
  2. Set the hours. The hours work is to be performed should be defined before the project begins both the start and end time of days and if working over weekends is okay. This way homeowners know when they need to be ready to have people into their home and when construction activities will calm down.
  3. Secure the Pets. Pets, like children, should be kept out of the work area. This is just as much of the safety of the pets as for the workers. Homeowners should understand that doors will be left open from time to time to allow entry or while carrying supplies, so animal could escape this way. For this reason and others it is often best of animals to be placed in room away from the work of outside. In some cases in may even be advisable to have the pet at a kennel while the work is done.
  4. Protect the kids. Children should be kept out of work area for their safety and not to interfere with the workers concentration and performance. Before the work begins, explain any kids what is going to be happening and what areas of the house are off-limits to them. They will be naturally curious, but their safety is your main concern here. However, this does not mean you should not invite them in from time to time. This will help with their curiosity, but reinforce the rule that they should not in the work area normally.
  5. Keep updates coming. It is important to keep all parties informed as to the progress of the work and any issue that may be found. It is always a good idea to let the homeowner know everyday what has been done and what the plan is for tomorrow. Also, let the owner see what has been done in case they see something not as originally planned. It is much easier to fix errors early than to get back at the end.