Plugins for PlanSwift are a remarkable way to enhance and customize the already powerful construction takeoff and estimating program.

Plugins can be thought of as small programs that run inside of PlanSwift. On their own most of these plugin programs would do nothing. Essentially, like an iPhone app without an iPhone, they are designed to run in a parent environment.

However, when these programs do run they can do amazing things. Because PlanSwift takeoff software is already so powerful and designed from the outset to handle plugins they have the ability to add great features or customize your operation for you.

What is even better yet is that if you don’t find the plugin features you want you can easily create your own plugin or have one quickly made for you. PlanSwift’s knowledge base is full of all the information needed to build and design plugins.

Then, once you have a plugin of your own you can sell it to other users of PlanSwift. PlanSwift makes it possible for you to sell your plugins to other users using our merchant account and shopping carts for the processing.

PlanSwift plugins are just one more way PlanSwift is striving to make your life estimating life quicker and easier.