PlanSwift construction takeoff and estimating software is a great way to do PDF Estimate work.

PlanSwift can do estimates from just about any plan type but does exceptionally well with PDF files. As this becomes a common way for plans to be distributed to contractors it become important to be able to accurately estimate from them.

The time and expense of trying to find a way to work with PDFs without a program like PlanSwift can be a complete waste.

Printing the plans to measure takes time and cost money in printing supplies, trying to use a ruler on a computer screen…let’s just say not a great idea.

“We are very happy with PlanSwift. We originally bought the program to be able to convert our PDF files into the software. Now, however, we realize there is so much more to it than just that. PlanSwift has helped increase our efficiency on the larger takeoffs we do, which has saved us mass amounts of time. The techs are always there when we need them, never fail. So far, so good. Very happy!”-Component Structures / Rob Meyers

“PlanSwift is much faster than one of the free software programs I downloaded previously. It is far easier to use. I learned the basics in the first couple of weeks just playing around with the software. It automatically puts on the square footage when I am estimating an area. Everything reads great! I had troubles with other companies when I tried converting from PDF to TIF. PlanSwift has made this a very easy and effective process for me. Customer service has been exceptional. No complaints!”-Superior / Lori Palmer

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