Life as a kitchen remodel estimator can be a frustrating job because people are always changing their mind. They ask for one idea then when you show them the cost they change what they want, either up or down in price and quality.

This is even more of an issue now as more homeowners are deciding not to move and fix up their current home instead. Kitchen are one of the prime areas of a house people like to improve, it is a focal area for guests and an often-used area.

To make life easier many kitchen remodeling experts have adopted the use of takeoff and estimating software. Because these programs can work with any file time including PDFs to create a digitized map of the project changes can easily be made.

If the homeowner decides to upgrade the flooring all the estimator needs to do is change the material and the price. The computer program will do the rest of the work instantly. This same process can be done of anything area of the kitchen.

Complete changing is also easy because most of these programs allow remodelers to move, resize, and change areas with just a few click of a mouse. There is no need to completely redo the estimate; the program simply makes the changes.

If you are interested in saving yourself time the number 1 estimating program in the industry is PlanSwift, and can be downloaded free today on a special trial offer.