Estimating painting costs can be done quickly and accurately with PlanSwift software. Most people look at PlanSwift as only an estimating and takeoff tool for framers, but that is far underestimating the usefulness of this amazing program.

The tools and formulas that enable framers to complete estimates in 1/10th the time it was taking them are the same tools and formulas professional painters can use to estimate painting costs.

This is because of PlanSwift’s open formula systems. By allowing the user to determine how the program will use information a painter can tell the program to estimate the way a painter would, and to produce the results a painter would want.

estimating painting cost software screenshot

PlanSwift also works for painters because it is priced at a point anyone can easily afford. With a monthly cost around the same as a tank of gas for a van would be PlanSwift could easily be afforded. As because it can use original plans, saving the need to drive to a job sight to measure, it may even pay for itself in gas saving alone.

However, there is only one real way to see if PlanSwift will work for you. And that is to use it and to take advantage of the free personalized training that comes with the download. This way you can understand what PlanSwift can do and how to get it to work quickly, accurately and easily for you.

The greatest part of it being you can download PlanSwift here for free for a 14-day trail. Download it today and you can start using it to save time and money before the start of next week.