To be able to calculate the costs in construction quickly and accurately requires a quality takeoff and estimating software program, or a full time employee dedicated to cost calculations.

When comparing the two, software verse employee, the software wins every time.

When using software the time it takes to complete an estimate drops by up to 90%, reducing what would have taken hours to only minutes. When compared with an employee they could easily take just as much time with questions, administrative issues and oversight.

The cost of the construction program wins again the cost of the employee by a lot. PlanSwift, the #1 construction takeoff and estimating software, can cost less than $100 per month. That is less than the fully loaded cost of most employee for a few hours.

The costs of an employee are just too high to justify them over a program that will allow you to do the same work.

In addition to the easy to calculate costs there are also, the softer costs that need to thought of when looking at an employee. The costs to a construction company include the cost of hiring new workers, or recalling furloughed. The need to train the employee for the estimating tasks. All of these can be quite an issue especially in today’s economic times.

Time after time, construction takeoff and estimating software wins the costs battle. To see what the leader, PlanSwift, can do for you download a free copy today.