Coming up with the cost in construction projects is a time draining, mentally numbing exercise that must be done repeatedly. Without this basic information, building companies are unable to compete, but doing them drains a large amount of time and resources.

To make it even worse the task of completing estimates and takeoffs often falls on the shoulders of the owner. Having the right cost estimates as absolutely imperative, so many owners do not feel comfortable delegating this task. This just adds one more task to an already busy person.

In the end, something has to give. It could be family and friends, or time off, or finding new leads, or lowering the quality of the current work. Every time something falls apart, and creates problems.

This is why reducing the amount of time it takes to do estimates is important. When the time is cut in half it clears the owner to focus on his other tasks. Just a couple of extra hours a week can make a big difference in the owners’ life.

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