Construction soft costs calculations can be a big place for building estimating errors. These costs calculations can easily take a lot of time and cause errors.

This is why using construction software such as PlanSwift is such a great idea that thousands of contractors around the country have started to do construction takeoffs and estimates this way.

With the ease of use, accuracy and speed PlanSwift gives to its users, it is no wonder so many contractors are already using it.

“Working with the PlanSwift Software, along with the PlanSwift team has been a positive experience from the beginning. The program is easy to use, with a minimal learning curve, allowing our team to be productive right from the start. It’s allowed us to set up a standardized takeoff procedure which has greatly reduced our costs and improved our overall efficiency. PlanSwift is completely customizable, giving us the ability to cater to our customer’s specific needs. The program is well worth exploring.”-84 Lumber / Steve Gorman

Time in money, so the ability to do more estimates in the same time is a big saver. Many users find they can do up to ten estimates in the time it was taking them to do just one by hand, spending 1/10th the time estimating each job.

This speed comes without an increase in complexity. PlanSwift is designed from the beginning to be easy to use and to allow you keep your current flow for estimating. Whereas other programs can make you change and do your work the way the geek programmers think is best, PlanSwift’s developers let you set the rules.

“I just finished my online session with Patrick. I purchased this program right away. PlanSwift will save so much time in estimates. It is much easier to understand and use than the other program I was using, at 1/3 of the cost. No More dongle. I can use PlanSwift on any computer.”-Enterprise Tile and Stone / Mike Babbel

This easiness to learn is one of the reasons users have found they can begin doing estimates the first day they have PlanSwift. However, just to make sure…

PlanSwift includes FREE one-on-one training, support from real estimators, and continuing training with every trial just to make sure you get the most out of PlanSwift from the very first day you have it.

“PlanSwift has increased our accuracy & speed, especially the joist and overlay features. PlanSwift gives us more functionality than programs that COST 3 TIMES as much. Tech support is fantastic, I’ve never been on hold and the chat is instant. PlanSwift is willing to listen and we have recommended several of our clients to them because of their service and product.”-Dominion Truss / Kevin Rowe

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