A simple calculator concrete can save you a lot of time and improve your accuracy.   For construction estimating companies need a more advanced calculator of concrete in the way of a takeoff and estimating software program. These programs, like PlanSwift, allow estimators to add material lists to the concrete areas, even tools and labor can be added. PlanSwift can also handle irregularly shaped items, and those with curves.

calculator concrete

Calculator Concrete

This allows for an amazingly simple yet accurate concrete calculation, a calculation that would not have been possible any other way.

“PlanSwift is very easy to use. It is both versatile and accurate. During takeoffs, I am able to easily navigate through the system with little, if any difficulty. With the system updating almost every week, the product gets quicker and quicker to use. The old way of calculating and estimating is a nightmare in comparison to this. Also, I am able to put my templates on a zip drive and take them home with me. I love it. Awesome is the best way I can describe it. Thank you Planswift.”-Hayes Masonry Inc. / Troy Hutchins

Thousands of contractors are already using PlanSwift as a part of their business, but the makers of this amazing program understand the best way understand how much it can do it to let you use it for FREE. They know that once you have done just a couple of concrete estimates with PlanSwift you will never want to return to doing estimates the way you have been doing them.

Try PlanSwift calculator concrete for your next project at no cost and receive free one-on-one training.